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The Sleeving Process
If you know what stations are worn, we can give you a quote right away. If you don’t know the state of your turret you can click here to find out how to check you turret.


Each station getting sleeved is thoroughly cleaned, inspected and aligned before the Turret Restoration can begin.



The Turret Restoration process continues by using our State of the Art Boring equipment to bore out the damaged or worn stations.



After boring out the damaged stations or the complete turret the Sleeving process continues by cleaning all of the bored stations, getting it ready for the sleeves to be installed.



End result: A TSI Hardened steel Kontempo Sleeve with an Amada OEM tolerance, Fully aligned and ready to punch.


Our hardened steel sleeves are then inserted and the tolerance is brought back to Amada OEM standards. At this point we recommend replacing the guide key and bottom die holders if they are worn as well to insure complete customer satisfaction.

End result: A TSI Hardened steel Kontempo Sleeve with
an Amada OEM tolerance, Fully aligned and ready
to punch.

Turret Sleeving International, Inc., a Utah based company, has over 23 years experience refurbishing the upper turret stations of the Amada turret punch press. TSI has installed over 85,000 sleeves, world- wide and continues to grow.

Initially, the designers of the turret restoration process gained experience by working on Weidemann, Di-Acro, Behrens and Amada equipment, but recognized the growing need for Amada upper turret bore wear repair. Turret Restoration Inc., began specializing in the turret
restoration of Amada Punch Press equipment exclusively.

Turret Sleeving International, Inc. has also become a distributor of quality replacement parts for your Amada Punch Press, such as the Kontempo Sleeve, auto-index guides, bottom die holders, guide keys, upper lifter springs and collars. TSI also offers a state-of-the-art, maintenance free, air-blow system, which can be retrofitted to your Amada Punch Press, and an Octo-rack exchange program.

TSI can usually schedule the refurbishing of your Amada Turret Punch Press within 30 days, with the downtime lasting only about 2 days. After the initial installation, your personnel may replace the Kontempo Sleeves if needed, once again restoring your punch press to OEM specifications. References from companies around the world are available.

If you would like to view pictures on checking for wear then click here!

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